An adjustable dumbbell with a simple twist...

That’s right - no more screws, no long bars sticking out and no annoying rattling.

Our patent-pending twist-lock mechanism makes the Helix quick and easy to adjust, and highly durable; seriously you can drop it from a height without causing any damage.

The Helix is a revolutionary adjustable dumbbell that is here to elevate the way you train at home, without compromise.

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Our story

'We started Hone because we truly believe movement is a blessing, not a chore, and we want to encourage as many people to move better, starting with making training as convenient and enjoyable as possible.

We set out on a mission to create solutions that would overcome the big daily obstacles that stand in our way of moving our bodies effectively.

Hone was born out of this ethos of committing to bettering ourselves, and we seek to uphold this standard in everything we do. So when you commit to Hone, we want you to know that you are getting heirloom quality products that will serve you for years to come’.

~ Lily & Freddie

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Our pledge to you and our planet

We love nature and being outdoors, therefore we are committed to doing our part to protect our planet.

From the materials we source to the manufacturing techniques we choose, we’re dedicated to working towards a sustainable future without compromising on quality and durability in our products.

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