An adjustable dumbbell with a twist

If (like us) you’ve recently discovered the joys of working out at home, you’ll know how tricky it can be to find gym equipment that’s sleek, practical and durable in equal measure. At Hone, we wanted to change the game when it comes to at-home training, which is why we created the Helix: an adjustable dumbbell that’s designed to withstand your most hardcore workouts. Let’s take a closer look at what makes the Helix so special:

Innovative design

Instead of fumbling around with dials and screws, the Helix’s unique twist-lock mechanism makes it incredibly easy for you to add and disconnect its attachable weight plates. The plates come in a 16kg bundle, which comprises a 2kg stainless steel handle and six interlockable weights (2x 1kg, 2x 2kg and 2x 4kg), so you can attach them in any order to suit your workout.

Exceptional durability

When it comes to fitness equipment, we don’t believe that you have to sacrifice durability for ease of use. This is why we made the Helix using high-quality stainless steel, to combine the durability of a fixed dumbbell with the versatility of an adjustable one. If the thought of dropping a 16kg stainless steel dumbbell on your wooden floorboards fills you with dread, fear not! The Helix’s weight plates are all coated with shock-absorbent rubber and its twist-lock mechanism is designed to withstand impact, so feel free to drop your dumbbell to the ground (after scanning the area for toes and pets, of course).

Sustainable materials

Protecting the planet is one of our top priorities here at Hone, which is why we made sure that the Helix was constructed sustainably, with minimal waste. The Helix’s weight plates are coated in natural biodegradable rubber, while its stainless steel components were manufactured using Metal Injection Moulding (MIM), so we can keep the number of materials we send to landfill at a minimum. Want to learn more about the Helix? Click here or get in touch with our friendly team today by dropping us a message via our contact form.


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